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Why is Santorini the most famous island of Greece?

Santorini has been voted as the most famous island of Greece. It has a mix of cliffs, whitewashed villages, and lovely waters. Here are the main reasons why this place is so popular among the tourists.

A place to escape from the crowd

Santorini formed due to a volcanic eruption in around 1620 B.C. The place is a crescent-shaped volcanic rock. Due to its natural beauty, visitors from around the world come here during summer. You will find the restaurants full, and the roads blocked with visitors in summer. In spring you will see beautiful wildflowers. October is the best time to visit this place as there are no crowds at this time of the year.

You get to sleep on the edge

Most of the hotels in Santorini are situated on the caldera rim for great views. You will find hotels of every budget. You will love the view of the island from the edges.

Beautiful sunsets

Santorini has the most beautiful sunsets in the world. It will seem as if the sun has just dropped into your drink leaving behind the silhouettes of the small islets and the pinkish domes of the churches. The experience is just unforgettable.

Tasty food and wine

Santorini is a heaven for wine lovers. The wine here is delicious. Streets are full of restaurants offering delicious food. You can see the lovely sunset from many of the restaurants.  October is the best season to taste wine as you will get to taste the wine of the new season.

Lot’s of activities

There are lots of outside activities to do in Santorini. Most popular activities include sea kayaking, cave snorkeling, and diving. As the water is beautiful here, most of the activities are water-based. But you can also go for hiking and rock climbing.

Santorini is a beautiful place to visit with your family. It is better to avoid summer if you want to spend some quiet times. If you visit in October, you can save a lot of money as the prices of hotels go down to almost half during this period.