logoSQWe are a small taxi and minivan company in Athens. We aim to provide the best customer service in town. We operate around airport and tourist areas to help tourists and the local people reach their destinations safely and in the shortest possible time.

We are a huge company with hundreds of small taxi and minivan operating around Athens. We charge customers only by the meters and don’t harass them in the middle of the road or bargain about the travel costs. We consider tourists to be our guest and take good care of them. We have a good network with hotels of all categories. We can recommend good hotels to our passengers.

Our company has a tourist information desk that can give you information about hotels, restaurants, guides, places of attractions, bus pass, etc. You will also know information about other cities of Greece and the best way to go to these places. The tourists can get lots of useful information from our drivers as well. Our drivers know around the city well, so can take you to your destination using the shortest possible route. The backgrounds of the drivers are thoroughly checked before recruiting so that no unfortunate events happen. Most of our vehicles are new, and all of them are well maintained. Choose us as your transportation service provider in Athens.